Koresh Dance Company – Quotes & Reviews

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Our Annual Come Together Dance Festival
“A rousing success.”
—The Dance Journal

“A great opportunity. I was inspired by other artists’ work.”
—Raphael Xavier, Festival choreographer

“We asked our region’s arts groups to help people experience art in new ways. The performing arts community has once again delivered.”
—Bill Mills, PNC regional president, Come Together 2014 sponsor

“Come Together Dance Festival takes the art to a whole new level.”
—Philadelphia Weekly

“Awesome Philly dance and some serious Philly flava.”
—The Dance Journal

“Making our town a mecca of significant DIY artistic accomplishment.”

“It’s all dance, and it’s all art.”
Dance Magazine

“You know you’re seeing art when it has that kind of staying power.”
Broad Street Review

“Those of us who critique the arts go wild with delight when an artist we’ve been watching for many years creates a work that transcends all he has done before.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“The expression and performances proved fresh, urgent and deeply persuasive.”
LA Times

“Earthy, folk-dancey, emotionally direct, physically intense, and ostentatiously eccentric”
– The New Yorker

"Koresh finds the thin line between ‘safe’ beauty and real innovation and boldly, knowingly dances on it.”
Philly Is Dancing

“always hot and hip”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“The finale was typically turbocharged—because when the dust settles after a Koresh concert, you must leave bedazzled.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“A wealth of forceful invention”
Art Burst Miami

“the company's vast repertoire of work ranges from intimate to high-voltage”
– Northwestern Press

“Athletic, exuberant, disciplined. Koresh has always been committed to dance that is accessible.”
Cincinnati Enquirer

“Roni finds beauty in seeing the humanness in each dancer and letting the audience see who they are.”
St. Louis Jewish Light

“In today’s terminology, the Koresh Dance Co. rocks!”
The Virginia Gazette

“Koresh Dance Company … stormed the stage and took no prisoners.”
– Merilyn Jackson, Philadelphia Inquirer

“This is an exciting company, with choreography full of surprises and dancers equipped to execute the often-stunning shifts in dynamic and mood.”
San Antonio Express

“raw and provocative, offering layers of complexity and flavor”
Gregory King, thINKingDANCE

“Philadelphia’s most expressive company”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“A rich, multicultural blend of intensity, physicality”
– Alabama Dance Festival

“all the finesse and grace of a ballet with the athleticism of an Olympic sport”
Philadelphia Magazine

“Koresh trademarks—exciting lifts, athleticism that borders on gymnastics and plenty of passionate partnering.”
Philadelphia City Paper

“If you like your dancing hard, fast and intense, the Koresh Dance Company is for you. … liquidly sensual …, clean, expressive gestures … imparting a richness of movement to the events on stage. There’s a sheer physical joy to this allegrissimo execution.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

“For both Koresh and the … dancers, there are no movements without eloquence. That they are technically superb is a given; what sets them apart is their explosive energy, their big-heartedness, and their humor.”
Reading Eagle

“Technical knockouts! The Koresh Dance Company’s dancers displayed dazzling skill” and “instantly made clear their technical prowess in ... dance that engulfed the stage like brush fire.”
Philadelphia Weekly

“The dancers of Koresh are technically superb, but even better, they are allowed to be individuals.”
– Wendy Perron, Dance Magazine

“excellent jet-propelled dancers”
Broad Street Review

“the compressed push of muscle with the feeling of coiled springs just below the skin … an army of synchronized powerhouses”

“such verve and professionalism”
Broad Street Review

“Renowned for their precision and their ability to do practically anything”
Reading Eagle

“Koresh dancers have long been known for their exceptionally fine-toned physiques—and the caliber of their movement execution is simply marvelous, regardless of the technical requirements. It's as if the outfit has been injected with a jolt of crisp energy.”
Philadelphia City Paper

“They consistently astonish with their skill. When all … of them move together as a unit, they become a single entity, a piece of life moving as if with one heartbeat.”
San Antonio Express

“… A vibrant ensemble of 10 that offered non-stop dynamism throughout its performance.”
The Denver Post

“Koresh's dancers switch seamlessly from one style to another, often within a single phrase. They also move quickly, precisely, and with almost no pause.”
–Nancy G. Heller, Philadelphia Inquirer

“[The Koresh dancers] are exceptional. Their dedication to the emotion of the dance is what separates them from other companies. There are connections among the dancers that translate into unity, trust in movement, and what looks like pure dancing without thought. Raw motion.”
– Philly Is Dancing

“Exalted, the audience rises to their feet, giving the company a thunderous ear-shattering standing ovation.”
Dance Insider

“the most exciting dance experience I’ve ever seen in Philadelphia—and my life. … this, with its outstanding lighting and technically-honed music, was an experience I wholeheartedly advocate for anyone even slightly interested in dance.”
Philadelphia Weekly

“the audience is captivated”
Broad Street Review

“immediately … visually stunning but also sticks with you long after leaving the theatre”
The Pointe

“The entire evening’s performance was dancing at its most profound. I can’t remember the last time a dance company drew tears from me; this one did, several times.”
Reading Eagle

“Fortunately, one of the ways to tell that one hasn’t become cynical is the joy that bubbles up in the gut when you witness something truly wonderful onstage… I came away boggled and bedazzled by what I’m prepared to call a major work.”
– Gary L. Day, The Broad Street Review

“When you go to the theater to see the Koresh Dance Company, you know what you’re going to get: great dancing, intricate choreography that combines raw athleticism with classical ballet, percussive sounds that include vocalization and body slapping to create complex soundtracks, and without fail, a pleased audience.”
– The Dance Journal

“Koresh Dance Company is not only is the business of dancing, but in the business of depicting the human experience, the human journey. … the emotion … is nothing if not universal. You will be moved. You will revisit memories. You will feel.”
– Philly Is Dancing