Koresh Dance Company
Koresh Dance Company
Koresh Dance Company
Koresh Dance Company's 25th Anniversary kicks off in Spring 2016! March 10th-12th at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre.
Private Lessons
Philadelphia performances 2015-16
Koresh Kids Dance – Outreach in Philadelphia

The Koresh Kids Dance program promotes the arts and brings arts education directly to underserved children in our community. We provide an educational program for youth to learn new skills and improve their quality of life through dance. The program has two components: (1) free dance classes with our professional dance educators in Philadelphia public schools, and (2) a low-cost training program.

What the principals, teachers and students are saying:

“The dance instruction has been tremendous for the students. Our parental involvement has increased ten times the usual amount that we document in attendance of school events. Student attendance has improved greatly in the classrooms involved in dance instruction. I cannot say enough outstanding things to highlight the progrss of our students involved in this program.”

– Sharen Finzimer
Principal, F.S. Edmonds School

“The dance outreach program promotes higher level thinking skills. It encourages different learning styles and incorporates dance across the curriculum.”

– Tina Cooney
4th and 5th grade Special Education Teacher

“I am grateful for the opportunity we had to enjoy the experience of what the dance program has to offer. The social advancement my son has made due to the Koresh Kids Dance outreach program has been invaluable and desperately needed in the elementary curriculum.”

– Parent of 5th grade boy

“I like this program because it taught me how to express myself and express my feelings through dance instead of violence. It taught me how to be myself instead of trying to be someone I'm not.”

– 5th grade boy

“I felt very proud of myself and my classmates. When we were finished it felt like I was on the top of the world.”

– 5th grade student

“[After the performance] I felt amazed and proud because we created something amazing in only 6 months”

– 5th grade student

Dance Classes
Koresh Kids Dance provides quality weekly dance instruction to students in Philadelphia public schools. The classes teach students fundamental dance technique while educating the whole person. Koresh educators create a safe space for children to learn to dance, create dance and to bridge dance with life skills including self-confidence, discipline, respect and healthy self-expression. The program culminates with a performance at the end of the year which cultivates teamwork, leadership skills and the sense of accomplishment.

We are currently working with 4th and 5th graders at three elementary schools in Philadelphia. It is our hope to expand upon this program and develop partnerships with more schools in the coming years.

Koresh Kids Dance Outreach

Low Cost Training Program
Through Koresh Kids Dance, we have seen several children in our community with a drive and passion for dance; it is apparent to us in every school we visit. Unfortunately, they are unable to take any formal dance training due to their financial situation. It is our hope to support the dance education they desire so we have created the Brook J. Lenfest Young Dancer Scholarship Program. This program enables us to remain fully dedicated to promoting arts education. At present, we have approximately eight students who receive low-cost or subsidized training through this program at the Koresh School of Dance. We hope to offer this opportunity to even more students who would otherwise be unable to attend dance classes as our ultimate goal is to make dance accessible to people everywhere.

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