Koresh Kids Dance
Fostering Creative Change in Philadelphia since 2006

Koresh Kids Dance provides high-quality weekly dance instruction to students in Philadelphia public schools. The classes teach students fundamental dance technique while educating the whole person. Koresh educators create a safe space for children to learn to dance, create dance, and to bridge dance with life skills including self-confidence, discipline, respect, and healthy self-expression. The program culminates with a performance at the end of the year that cultivates teamwork, leadership skills, and a sense of accomplishment.

Our creative dance curriculum invites students to create their own dances. While our professional teachers teach students fundamental dance technique, the entire experience is geared toward connecting to the whole child. Koresh Kids Dance prioritizes flexibility in working with schools and classroom teachers, connecting to schools’ cultures and ongoing projects, and incorporating elements of classroom curricula.

Koresh Dance Company’s Artistic Director, Roni Koresh, started dancing as a child in Israel. It was in Philadelphia that he became a choreographer, choosing to tell human stories based in passionate memory and the everyday gestures of his own experience—learned not only in the dance studio, but in dance clubs, during his military service, and in the casual postures and movements of the city street. In developing the Koresh Kids Dance program, Director Teresa VanDenend Sorge builds on parallel artistic commitments, designing a curriculum that enables children to tell their own, human stories through the movement vocabularies that are most meaningful in their own lives.


“The dance instruction has been tremendous for the students. Our parental involvement has increased ten times the usual amount that we document in attendance of school events. Student attendance has improved greatly in the classrooms involved in dance instruction. I cannot say enough outstanding things to highlight the progrss of our students involved in this program.”

– Sharen Finzimer
Principal, F.S. Edmonds School

“Promotes higher level thinking skills, encourages different learning styles, and incorporates dance across the curriculum.”

– 5th grade teacher

“The dance outreach program promotes higher level thinking skills. It encourages different learning styles and incorporates dance across the curriculum.”

– Tina Cooney
4th and 5th grade Special Education Teacher

“I am grateful for the opportunity we had to enjoy the experience of what the dance program has to offer. The social advancement my son has made due to the Koresh Kids Dance outreach program has been invaluable and desperately needed in the elementary curriculum.”

– Parent of 5th grade student

“This program taught me how to be myself instead of trying to be someone I'm not.”

– 5th grade student

“I felt very proud of myself and my classmates. When we were finished it felt like I was on the top of the world.”

– 5th grade student

“[After the performance] I felt amazed and proud because we created something amazing in only 6 months”

– 5th grade student

“[After the performance] I felt amazed and proud because we created something amazing in only 6 months”

– 5th grade student

“In an age where arts programs are being cut left and right from public schools, Koresh Kids Dance is a beacon that provides an important outlet for young students, fostering their creativity, communication, and critical thinking skills.”

– Philly Is Dancing

Koresh Kids Dance by the Numbers
  • 16 classes per week

  • 6 grade levels

  • 5 credentialed teaching artists

  • 5 public schools

  • 1 after-school center

  • 10 years of instruction, creation and care

  • Koresh Kids Dance Outreach

    If your school would like to partner with the Koresh Kids Dance program, please contact
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