Koresh Dance Company
Koresh Dance Company's 25th Anniversary kicks off in Spring 2016! March 10th-12th at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre.
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Koresh Dance – Board & Management
Koresh Dance Company Management

Executive Director
Alon Koresh

Artistic Director
Ronen Koresh

Assistant Artistic Director
Melissa Rector

School Director
Nir Koresh

Company Manager
Dara Schmoyer

Development Director
Rachael Glashan

Marketing and Communications Director
Kate Aid

Outreach Director
Teresa VanDenend Sorge

Programing Manager
Haley Bradstreet

School Coordinator
Sarah Braviak



Board of Directors & Affiliations

Steve Lazin
President, Board of Directors
Managing Director, Bongiovi Media & Tech

David Cooper
Vice President, Board of Directors
Former Retail Store Owner

Leslie Baker Boris
Member, Board of Directors
Board Member, Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation

Niza Davidson
Member, Board of Directors
Grief Counselor

William Duncan
Member, Board of Directors
International Trade Consultant

Toni Alperin Goldberg
Member, Board of Directors

Ronen Koresh
Member, Board of Directors
Artistic Director, Koresh Dance Company

Alon Koresh
Member, Board of Directors
Exec. Director, Koresh Dance Company

Alessandra H. Nicolas
Member, Board of Directors
Regional PlanSmart Director, MetLife

Ellen Varenhorst
Member, Board of Directors
Former Architect

Koresh Dance Company
Additional Staff

Sandy Mitchel

Frank Bicking

Dance Instructors
Children's Classes
Adult Classes